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Personal Statement

 Nothing is More Important Than Our Development Environment 

My philosophy is not just about the style in which I like the game to be played or just developing the footballers that occur within it, it's about developing young people who have the confidence, mentality and behaviours to make something of themselves in life whether that's within the game or not. The foundations of my philosophy are based on who I am as a person because I can only be me. My core values, how I coach, how I live and how we play all stem from life experiences and ultimately an awareness of self. Before anything else, it's about creating a positive, welcoming environment where everyone can develop and grow. This also applies to the coaches, backroom staff and parents.

Core Values: Developing The Environment

 ★  Respect  ★  Commitment  ★  Positivity    Effort    Integrity  

Life Philosophy: How I Live


Treat people how you would like to be treated. If you want respect, try giving it first.


The core of my personality, nothing builds connections like laughter.


The best policy. It starts from within.


The key to progression. If you fail to prepare then prepare to fail. Always plan ahead then analyse.

Challenge Yourself

The comfort zone is a great place, but nothing ever grows there. 


Did it work? Am I content? If so, why? If not, why not?

Football Philosophy: How We Play

★ Team Style Rules 

Pedagogy: How I Coach and Lead

 The Four F's 


This is who I am by nature. Being approachable and attempting to make people laugh and smile is a prominent part of my personality and its something which transfers into and helps create a positive training environment. This helps to build trust and buy-in as well as make a connection. Inspiration over manipulation.


This has to be the first reason we play. Our learning and motivation levels are heavily affected by this. Creating a fun learning environment will also effect the social and psychological corners which underpin my coaching philosophy as a whole. Fun sessions promote energy, laughter and communication. I deem this vital.


When it's time to learn there must be an intensity and a degree of discipline in all that we are doing. No one ever created a rock solid mentality by taking it easy. We must operate within our set values and our high standards. This is non-negotiable. As a coach I can be very demanding but i'm also equally as supportive.


There is no room for passengers and every player is made aware of this from the first day. If they are respectful towards the environment, work hard for themselves and for the team, they'll play. If they persist to make it about them then they'll be benched. Mistakes can be forgiven, but a lack of effort cannot.