Nationalities: British, Portuguese (Dual)
Hometown: London, UK
Languages: English, Portuguese (Basic)
Current Employer: TBC 2021
Licence Level: UEFA 'B' Licence

Daniel: The Person

I’m a positive soul, full of energy and enthusiasm. I’m open-minded, forward thinking and I believe in treating people how you want to be treated. I’m confident and charismatic but also possess the humility in knowing that there is always something else to be learned. It’s this mind-set as well as becoming increasingly self-aware that has helped me to develop into the person that I am today. I believe in doing good work and doing it with consistency. I'm not afraid of failure and I personally see it as a necessary part of development. I take risks, I can be daring on occasions and I’m not shy of respectfully offering an opinion when called upon. Having a structure to work within is of paramount importance to myself and although I can adapt well to my surroundings, my full potential is unlocked when I'm given the freedom to operate how I see fit. I like challenges that have the potential to further my development, both on and off the pitch.

Daniel: The Coach

I can only describe myself as a student of the game. I'm forever reading, studying and trying to learn something new and revolutionary. I find foreign football styles and cultures fascinating and spend just as much time watching foreign European leagues as I do the English. I’ve become an avid reader and I enjoy gaining knowledge on the many facets relating to the game, from psychology to philosophy to history. Regardless of how experienced I become, or what qualifications I obtain, my biggest strength will always be my personality and my ability to form connections with the people I’m surrounded by. For me this is the most important thing as creating a positive learning environment for the players as well as staff to grow is the very foundation upon which I like to build. Talking of building, I like long term projects. Projects whereby I can measure the development and progress made over time, projects where I can see the fruits of my labour. I believe this to be critical as if you can’t measure what you are doing, how do you know it’s working? This is what fulfills me as a coach. I despise the ‘quick fix’ or the ‘stop-gap’, this doesn’t resonate with me at all but I can appreciate that in this sport and within budget limitations that this sometimes has to occur. As for leadership, I believe in leading with love. I prefer inspiration over manipulation but this can only truly work if there is a structure put in place from day one whereby all the players, parents and staff are on the same page regarding the rules of the environment.

Motivations: Why I Coach

Football is my deepest purpose, it's the reason I get out of bed in the morning and my life absolutely surrounds the game. I love what I do and this is reflected in my energy on the training pitch. It wasn't always this way however, there was a time where I was a lost soul, where I didn't know which path to take in life but I thank my stars everyday that I'm set on the journey that I am now. One that I am extremely excited for. My career is more than just a career, its my ongoing project and this also acts as fuel for my motivation to keep pushing, keep progressing and keep learning. I believe football needs to go through a mass revolution and I am simply being the change that I want to see. I believe in playing football the "right way", I believe in the developing and the promoting of young players and I also believe in having an identity but I do not consider myself an out and out footballing romantic or purist. I believe in strategy just as much as philosophy as ultimately, the game is there to be won. In youth development, of course, the focus is on the improvement and not the result at the end of a game, however, all that we do in training from developing the environment to the technical sessions is underpinned by the fact that what we are trying to create more than anything else is a mindset, a mentality that will serve us moving forward. This is why I place such a high value on standards and values as they are the starting point. We can't seriously improve if we do not set out to be competitive from the very beginning.